Jeff Aworth

Hi just a little bit about myself and how I found myself becoming a photo restorer. By Trade I am a Graphic Pre Press operator, which incorporates colour correction and photo manipulation. Along with that I became a scanner operator for a large printing firm, which meant scanning and fixing photos for high class magazines. As time went buy I was also assigned to do some work for the Art Gallery of SA, producing picture perfect replicas of original paintings for their catalogues.

Other Qualifications that I have acquired over time to enhance my skill set, is that  have a Diploma of Graphic Design, Photography and life drawing. So using all of the above skill set and my love of photography, and history has enabled me to be able to do something that I am passionate about, which is Photo Restoration and Graphic Design. Where does the signage knowledge come in?, well I spent approx 1 year at a large signage company in the CBD and gained a lot of knowledge about the industry, So when it comes to printing, design and signage, I'm well equipped to handle any enquiry that you may have. Plus I have a love of the game Lawn Bowls, as you can see!!